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2023 September Vol.36 No.3 ISSN 1598-8384

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논문 요약

The publication is a result of ongoing research at NIS Labs, focused on the presence of obscure microbial pathogens in the human body and their contributions to chronic illness of poorly defined etiology. The study of biofilm communication and the use of natural non-pharmacological methods of disrupting biofilms is a focus for our research. Our publication focused on the effects of a complex blend of natural ingredients, specifically focused on enzymatic disruption of biofilm, in combination with the interference of an herbal blend on biofilm function. The combination of enzymes and herbs showed disruption of established biofilms from different types of pathogens, including Candida, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a drug-resistant strain of Staphylococcus simulans, and the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi. Specifically, for Borrelia, the herbal blend interfered with the quiescent metabolic state of the biofilm, leading to a higher metabolic rate in the Borrelia biofilms. Research is ongoing in our laboratory to further document the inflammatory nature of pathogenic biofilms from different bacterial species.


Gitte S. Jensen

NIS Labs
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Gitte Jensen is the founder and research director for NIS Labs, an independent research lab focused on natural health products and methods. She has spearheaded research into pleomorphic microbial forms in the blood of chronically ill patients, including cancer patients. She is actively involved in research on the communication between bacterial biofilm and the human immune system.

연구실 소개

NIS Labs has been focusing on innovative research on natural products and their effects on health since 1999. The core includes clinic and laboratory facilities, with on-site capacity for documenting rapid effects on the immune system. Along with the core immunology expertise, we offer a wide range of other protocols to help support marketing claims in the Natural Products Industry.